Mel’s great-grandmother sent 11 grandsons to World War II. Thankfully, all 11 came back. To Mel, a minister with a long family history of service, “May God protect our troops” is a sacred creed.

When our heroes swear an oath and commit to serving in our armed forces, we pledge to give them the training and resources they need to be successful. But too often, after they come home, our veterans do not receive the support they deserve. In Congress, Mel will work to promote programs that enable our veterans to continue to serve – whether that’s by furthering their education or by finding meaningful employment.

Mel is dedicated to improving health care for our veterans. When Congress sends our sons and daughters off to war, Washington opens its pocketbooks. But when our heroes return home, Members of Congress too often keep their hands in their pockets and their mouths shut. We do not provide adequate mental health care for our veterans and these heroes are forced to wait too long to receive their care. Mel believes this must change. He will work to make the VA more efficient and accountable, and Mel will fight to make sure that Hoosier veterans get the care they deserve.