Health Care

Mel has dedicated his career to improving health care. He will continue that work in Congress by protecting and improving health care and will fight back against efforts to take affordable health care away from working class families. Mel helped build Press Ganey, a company that works with hospitals and other health care providers to champion the one voice often left out of the health care debate: patients. He deeply understands the issues of affordability and delivery and will seek to improve and expand access to health care for all Americans.

Jobs + Economy

Mel knows what it takes to help small businesses succeed and will work in Congress to build an economy that works for all Hoosiers. That means securing pay equity in the workplace, protecting the right to organize, and ensuring the tax breaks go to entrepreneurs and working families, not wall street executives. After graduate school at Notre Dame, Mel joined Press Ganey, a patient satisfaction survey company, as employee number 34. A few years later Mel was running the company and created over 700 jobs – right here in northern Indiana.

Social Security + Medicare

Mel believes that if you work hard your whole life, you should have the resources to retire with dignity. He is committed to protecting Medicare and Social Security and opposes all efforts to end Medicare’s guaranteed benefits or to privatize Social Security.

Empowering Women

At Press Ganey, Mel made sure that equal pay for equal work was not just a goal; it was the standard.


Mel’s great-grandmother sent 11 grandsons to World War II. Thankfully, all 11 came back. To Mel, a minister with a long family history of service, “May God protect our troops” is a sacred creed.


Indiana students are falling behind our global competitors because we have not made investments in education a priority. High-quality public education is a cornerstone of a strong democracy. Congress must work to provide students with the skills they need to succeed. This includes making college more affordable and making investments in training programs and apprenticeships.

Accountability + Transparency

Mel will be accessible to everyone in the 2nd District as he has been since the beginning of his campaign. He will take the principles of transparency and accountability, by which he has lived his entire life, to Congress and make sure Hoosier voices are heard loud and clear and that tax dollars are spent more efficiently.


Congress must deal with America’s crumbling infrastructure. A 21st Century infrastructure system is a critical component to Indiana’s economy. Mel will work to build up north-central Indiana’s roads, bridges, and broadband internet.