“Our campaign will be about equal opportunity for all who live in the 2nd District.” — Mel

  • Equality: Mel is driven by the belief, enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, that all people are created equal. Regardless of color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation, everyone should be given an equal chance to succeed in our state and in our country. Mel practiced what he preached as a minister in Detroit and did the same as CEO–giving same sex partner benefits long before it was commonplace and raising the minimum wage within the company so all employees could prosper.


  • Education: As the proud father of two sons who graduated from South Bend John Adams High School, Mel understands the importance of a good public education and will pursue federal policies that level the playing field for all students–from pre-K to college. This includes school safety, sufficient funding, college affordability, and loan programs that don’t bankrupt students after graduation. Access to other resources is important, too, and Mel supports efforts to build lasting trade programs and expand rural broadband access across our state.


  • Healthcare: As the only candidate in the race who has led two large healthcare companies, Mel knows a thing or two about the delivery of good health care to those who matter most: patients. Mel believes strongly that we cannot repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (or debate it without end). We must improve the law and strengthen it so more people have access to good, quality, affordable healthcare. Moreover, we must continue to develop strong policies and initiatives to address the opioid crisis plaguing many communities across Indiana and the rest of the country.


  • Good Jobs: Mel started at Press Ganey as Employee No. 34. By the time he left years later as CEO and Chairman, he had grown the company to 800 people. They were good jobs with good benefits. Mel believes strongly that we need to create an environment in our communities for small, medium, and large businesses to grow and prosper. This includes supporting legislation to rebuild crumbling American infrastructure and ensuring that American trade deals are fair and support the American worker trying to build a career.


  • Veterans & Servicemembers: Mel’s great-grandmother sent 11 grandsons to WWII, including Mel’s father and two uncles. Our veterans, active servicemembers, and military families are true American heroes. They should be respected and supported before, during, and after conflict. However, many get lost in a bureaucratic maze. Mel supports policies to improve the delivery of services to veterans, shortening wait times and achieving better outcomes. He also strongly supports enhanced job training opportunities so veterans can provide for their families when they are back home.


  • Agriculture: Having grown up on the family farm, Mel spent his childhood tending to the calves, feeding the pigs, and doing chores. He knows Indiana’s farmers help to drive our state’s economy, conserve our lands, and feed people across the United States. Mel will promote legislation that helps farmers and creates an environment for sustainable farming to last for generations. He will also pursue trade policies that extend the ability of our farmers to export products more fairly.


  • Seniors: Every generation should be able to retire with dignity surrounded by family and friends. Mel’s two grandsons are the lights of his life. He will always support Medicare and Social Security. He will never pursue policies that would privatize Social Security or put it at risk.