Mel Hall is running for Congress to bring accountability and opportunity to Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District.

Mel’s campaign is built on offering transparent representation, protecting health care, and pushing for good-paying Hoosier jobs across north-central Indiana.

Throughout his life, Mel has combined service to others with successful progress. From the farm to the church to the boardroom, he’s focused on action to get the job done.

Mel was born in Grant County, Indiana, and grew up on the family farm. He graduated from Taylor University and seminary and became a minister in one of Detroit’s poorest and densest neighborhoods: the Cass Corridor. He lived there, raised his boys there, and learned that we must work with people of all backgrounds, colors, and creeds to move our communities forward.

He then went to Notre Dame, enrolling in a statistics and research PhD program where he met two professors who had started a small medical care survey firm. Mel started at Press Ganey as employee number 34 and went on to be director of research, COO, CEO, and Chairman. By the time he left as CEO, the firm had grown to employ 800 people, right here in north-central Indiana.

Mel is proud of the work he did in the community to provide so many good jobs to hard-working Hoosiers.

Mel has two sons, Nathan and Matthew, and he lives in South Bend.