Jobs + Economy

Mel knows what it takes to help small businesses succeed and will work in Congress to build an economy that works for all Hoosiers. That means securing pay equity in the workplace, protecting the right to organize, and ensuring the tax breaks go to entrepreneurs and working families, not wall street executives. After graduate school at Notre Dame, Mel joined Press Ganey, a patient satisfaction survey company, as employee number 34. A few years later Mel was running the company and created over 700 jobs – right here in northern Indiana.

Mel believes that small businesses and manufacturing are the backbone of the American economy. He knows that we can grow an economy that promotes and grows the middle class by giving hardworking individuals the tools and resources they need to be successful.

In Indiana, hundreds of good-paying and honorable jobs go unfilled because of a lack of training. In Congress, Mel will work to invest in workforce development, apprenticeships, and public-private workforce training partnerships so individuals can develop the skills necessary to succeed.

For too long, lawmakers have been looking out for themselves and the wealthiest Americans instead of the working class. As a result, too many families are struggling today. Under Mel’s leadership, Press Ganey established a company-wide minimum wage of over $10 an hour, well above the national $5.75 minimum wage in place at the time. Mel believes we must increase wages and benefits for hardworking Hoosiers to grow the economy and he strongly supports the rights of workers to organize, bargain, and push for fair treatment in our nation’s unions.