Health Care

Mel has dedicated his career to improving health care. He will continue that work in Congress by protecting and improving health care and will fight back against efforts to take affordable health care away from working class families. Mel helped build Press Ganey, a company that works with hospitals and other health care providers to champion the one voice often left out of the health care debate: patients. He deeply understands the issues of affordability and delivery and will seek to improve and expand access to health care for all Americans.

Mel believes that Democrats and Republicans must  work together to strengthen health care. We must never go back to the days when insurance companies decided who could and who could not get covered. We can make health care more affordable and accessible for all Hoosiers, and one way to start is to increase competition in the marketplace. Over 30% of the people who sign up for insurance through the online marketplace have no insurance competition, which drives up prices for hardworking families in Indiana. In addition, Mel believes that we should promote competitive bidding for durable medical equipment. We can save over $2 billion per year and make health care more affordable by providing a competitive bidding process. By increasing competition, we can lower prices and expand health care access to more hardworking Hoosiers.