Indiana students are falling behind our global competitors because we have not made investments in education a priority. High-quality public education is a cornerstone of a strong democracy. Congress must work to provide students with the skills they need to succeed. This includes making college more affordable and making investments in training programs and apprenticeships.

To Mel, education starts with early learning. Mel believes that we must provide federal partnerships with states to expand access to these crucial programs. Mel also believes that those who want to pursue higher education should have the opportunity to do so, regardless of income level. There is more student loan debt than credit card debt in our country right now. As a result, recent college graduates struggle to make ends meet as they begin their careers. Congress must make college more affordable so that no student is burdened with crippling debt upon graduation.

In addition, there are almost 600,000 manufacturing jobs across the country that have gone unfilled. We need to provide more apprenticeships and training programs so that hardworking men and women get the training they need to enter the skilled trades and build successful careers. Everyone deserves a chance to take part in our economy.