“When was the last time Jackie Walorski had a public, district-wide meeting so all constituents could attend and ask questions?” – Mel

Our campaign will be about accountability.

    • The 2nd District needs representation in Congress that is transparent and open. When Mel was CEO of Press Ganey, the company held monthly meetings so everyone–from the newest hires to the first employees–could see their shared progress and understand important benchmarks together. The 2nd District’s current representative rarely holds open events on key issues facing the people who live and work in northern Indiana. This needs to change.
    • While one party is in control of our government, not a whole lot gets done. Hoosiers know the value of a hard day’s work and the results to show for it. We need action on the major issues facing our country, like protected health care, good jobs and infrastructure improvement, and tax reform that helps everyone. We don’t need distractions, wedge issues, or games when it comes to issues of such importance.
    • The people of north-central Indiana deserve a representative who will show up and heartily debate the issues of the day. When Mel was a minister and businessman, he brought together people of differing viewpoints to get to a better outcome. Politics should be no different. Mel will dedicate his time in the campaign to an honest and robust dialogue on the future of the 2nd District.