A Hoosier farm boy, minister, and business leader, Mel Hall is running to fix Washington and start getting things done for a change. Mel has spent his life empowering those around him and providing opportunities for hardworking people to succeed.

Mel was born and raised on the family farm in Indiana. He and his three sisters learned from an early age the importance of a hard day’s work. Mel fed the calves and chickens, hung drywall, and worked with bricklayers. Mel’s father was a union carpenter before he started his own general contracting business; Mel’s mother kept the books for the family company.

It was on the family farm that Mel and his sisters learned the old expression, “What you do speaks so loud I can’t hear what you say.” To this day, Mel lives up to that belief in everything he does.

Mel graduated from Taylor University and then went to seminary. After graduation, he served as a Methodist minister in Detroit’s poorest and most densely-populated neighborhood. Mel knew that he wanted his life to make a difference.

Mel spent seven years as a minister. The church served as a community center, providing job training programs, legal aid clinics, senior citizen advocacy programs, and even a basketball league with Mel as the coach.

To this day, Mel credits his time as a minister as the best education he’s ever received.

Mel then pursued a PhD in Data Science at Notre Dame and joined the South Bend-based patient survey firm Press Ganey as employee number 34. Mel worked his way up through the company before he was asked to run it. By the time he left Press Ganey, Mel had grown the company to employ more than 800 people right here in northern Indiana.

At Press Ganey, Mel and his team focused on improving health care by giving voice to the one group of people so often left out of the health care process: patients.

Mel has lived his life with integrity and dedicated himself to improving the lives of those around him. That’s why he will reject Congressional perks in Congress and only serve three terms.

It’s no secret that Congress is broken. Mel knows that the only way to fix Washington is with the ideas that come from folks in places like Elkhart, South Bend, Winamac, and Peru.

That’s why Mel will always listen to Hoosiers in the 2nd District and take their ideas to Washington. He’s not beholden to corporate special interests. He only looks out for the hardworking families in the 2nd District.

Mel will do what it takes to fight for Hoosiers in the 2nd District. He will always put Hoosier families first.