Latest Walorski Ad False; Hall Repeatedly Said He Rejects Nancy Pelosi

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – After Rep. Walorski’s latest false television ad hit the airwaves today, the Mel Hall for Congress campaign released the following statement to set the record straight.

“I ran for Congress to give a voice to Hoosiers across northern Indiana, to protect their health care, and to make sure that everyone in the 2nd District has reform-minded leadership,” said Hall. “Nancy Pelosi once tried to call me. I didn’t answer. Called back, left a message, and told her I wouldn’t support her. Leadership in both parties needs to change. Rather than answer for why she tried to strip health care coverage from millions of Hoosiers, Rep. Walorski continues to lie and mislead voters.”

“My campaign has always been focused on the issues that matter to Hoosier voters and I am the only candidate in this race with a reform plan to clean up the mess in Washington,” Hall continued. “Rep. Walorski only attacks me personally with lies and misleading ads. I’m not a career politician, but I know desperation when I see it. Rep. Walorski will say anything to stay in Washington.”

Hall announced in July that he would not support Nancy Pelosi for either Speaker of the House or Democratic Leadership. Hall knows that if you do the same things with the same people, you will get the same results. Rep. Walorski is desperate to save her failing political career, and she has resorted to outright lies in this campaign. Hall continues to campaign on the issues important to Hoosiers.


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