Goshen News LTE: Walorski won’t meet with constituents

Jackie Walorski works for herself. That says it all and perhaps says the same for most of us.

An organization that I belong to had invited Jackie Walorski and her opponents twice in the past two years to give an opportunity for her constituents to meet them — but of course it did not happen.

The Jackie rule demands closed meetings, needs to know the questions ahead of time, needs only a limited amount of people, and lie easily. Are we desperate for such a demanding leader, protected by super PACs and lobbyists? She deprives her opponents of meeting with her and facing the constituents because of her own fears or deficiencies.

She has had very limited meetings since taking office. Her constituents have waited on the streets to meet with her, but she uses the back doors and no one sees her. When it is an opportunity to meet at places for good publicity and photo shoots at Greencroft for the Chamber of Commerce, Goshen College with Latino entrepreneurs, she does show up, though it is very rare.

The question, as always, is if she does not ever want to meet her constituents, why do we desperately want her? We have put her in that position not for us, but for the lobbyists who are helping her to line her pockets well.

Unlike Jackie Walorski who is a puppet of the Republican Party, Mel Hall will work for the welfare of his constituents. Do vote early for Mel Hall. The power lies in our hands, the constituents. We can make it or break it, the choice is ours. Please use it wisely.

— Sreekala Rajagopalan, Goshen

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