SBT: Letters: Undoing everything that’s been done

Clear choice

Do you want your representative in Congress to be leader or a follower?

Mel Hall is a leader.

Mel Hall combines the unique leadership skills it takes to be a successful minister, father, grandfather and local jobs creator to be our voice in Congress.

Town hall meetings, listening, leading.

Mel Hall is the leader we need in Congress.

Joe Mancini
Treasurer, Mel Hall for Congress


Mel Hall

James Madison called the accumulation of legislative, executive, and judicial power in the same hands the very definition of tyranny and considered their separation essential to the preservation of liberty. Tyranny might well describe our current situation in Washington where one party controls all three branches of government and Republican legislators fear the chief executive’s retaliation if they challenge his agenda. The result is a lack of checks and balances, and votes based on partisan politics instead of the national interest.

Adding to the polarization is our congresswoman, who votes the Trump agenda 95.7 percent of the time (, including the repeal of Obamacare. Mel Hall would vote to maintain coverage of pre-existing conditions, and reach across the aisle to find practical approaches to the challenges we face. His election would help change the make-up of the House to put a badly needed check on the power of the executive branch. The only way to make changes in a democracy is to vote and we must exercise that opportunity on Nov. 6 and elect Mel Hall to Congress.

Dr. John L. Jenkins
Jan Jenkins
South Bend

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