SBT: Letters: Protect beautiful planet for our children

Mid-term elections are upon us. We must think seriously about the critical issues affecting us all: gun control, global warming, health care, disrespect for women at all levels, immigration, political corruption, racism, human rights violations, pollution, unending wars, weakening unions which protect workers and teachers, public school privatizations, etc., etc.

Our sacred responsibility as parents and grandparents is to question, discuss, confront, accept, reject and evaluate the agendas presented by the candidates. These politicians will decide the future of our children, grandchildren and their families.

Consequently, we must ask ourselves, what kind of world will we leave them? A totally contaminated planet? A world besieged by war after war? A country dominated by violence due to lack of sensible gun control laws? A society run by hate, racism, thirst for money and no respect for our neighboring countries?

When we go to the polls on Nov. 6, let’s choose candidates who have acknowledged global warming and have promised to do something, and most importantly to respect and protect the only earth we have and also the only inheritance we can pass unto all the children of this beautiful planet.

Silvia Rojas-Anadon
South Bend



In Jon Meacham’s book, “The Soul of America, The Battle for Our Better Angels,” he talks about a time when government, through a combination of public and private investment, created conditions most favorable to a prosperous middle class. Programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and others are in danger of extinction because of Republican efforts to be “fiscally responsible.”

As nominee for Harris Township trustee, I’ve spoken to many residents who are feeling the pressure of rising costs of health care, college and housing while wages remain stagnant. We need to commit to rekindling a new public/private partnership to address these needs.

During the past several months I’ve gotten to know one of our better angels, Dr. Don Westerhausen, candidate for state representative for Indiana’s 5th District. Westerhausen has an acute understanding of the pressures that middle class families face. He understands that government and private entities should work together to control health care costs. He will bring a fresh, new perspective to Indianapolis.

Our elected officials can do better than simply tout low unemployment numbers and “leaner” government. I endorse Dr. Don Westerhausen for state representative, Indiana District 5.

Bill Price


The integrity of our democracy depends on your vote. In this very difficult time for our country, it is more important than ever to vote this November. It is up to us to restore the core values that the Founding Fathers intended. Each vote counts and even one missed vote can decide an election. We need to restore decency in our government.

We must curb this president’s unfettered ability to wreak havoc in this country. The current Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Senate have done nothing but rubber-stamp every impulsive move this president has made. They need to be voted out. Please do your civic duty and vote on Nov. 6.

Please vote for Sen. Joe Donnelly and candidate Mel Hall to ensure a strong Congress that will restore the balance of power in this great country.

Linda Richmond
South Bend

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