Hall Applauds President Trump’s Proposal on Drug Prices; Vows to Work with President While in Congress to Lower Prices for Hoosiers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Following President Trump’s announcement today of his proposal that includes steps to lower the cost of prescription drugs and allow Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices, Mel Hall released the following statement praising the action.

“President Trump took a good first step to bring down the costs of prescription drugs and make health care more affordable for Hoosiers,” said Hall. “As part of my plan to improve health care, I’ve heard from folks all over the ten counties of the 2nd District about how we can fix prescription drug pricing and combat the opioid epidemic.”

“Right now, we can allow Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices and get rid of the percentage cut doctors receive from pharmaceutical companies,” Hall continued. “The opioid crisis is spiraling out of control because of lawmakers who are in the pocket of big pharma and special interests. President Trump took a good first step today, and I look forward to working with him in Congress to develop a more comprehensive plan that brings down the costs of prescription drugs and helps curb the opioid crisis.”

Hall dedicated his career to improving health care, where he helped give a voice to patients in the health care process. Hall has heard from Hoosiers all across the 2nd District who want to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, who want doctors to stop prescribing certain opiates and expensive drugs, and who are ready for a representative who is not beholden to corporate interests and the pharmaceutical industry.

Hall has rejected all corporate PAC and lobbyist money in this campaign. His opponent, Rep. Walorski, has taken more than $3.3 million from corporate PACs and lobbyists – including more than $100,000 from the pharmaceutical industry.

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