Goshen News: PULSE OF THE VOTERS: A straight ticket voter

Elkhart’s Stephanie Lloyd will approach the polls in November with a new mindset.

“My decision has been made,” she said. “This is first time in my life that I’ve done this, but I’m voting Democrat all the way across. I don’t care if I know who they are or not. That’s just how I feel about it right now.”

In discussing Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat, Lloyd, a 47-year-old divorced single mother of three daughters, said she is familiar with Republican Mike Braun and Democrat Joe Donnelly, but was unaware of Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton.

She called Donnelly “a good man” whom she has met before.

“Last year, he visited all 93 counties in Indiana. He listens to people. When you call his office, he answers you, you get an answer,” Lloyd said. “He’s looking for bi-partisan solutions that will build the middle class. Right now, he’s very vulnerable. There are 10 Democratic Senate seats in the United States where Trump won the state. So Donnelly is very vulnerable right now.”

Although Lloyd initially supported Pat Hackett’s bid for the 2nd District House seat — a plan to volunteer on Hackett’s campaign “kinda fell apart” — her hopes for a Hackett win were dashed when Mel Hall secured the candidacy earlier this year.

In keeping with her party-line plan, Lloyd said her choice to back Hall is “mostly because I’ve met Jackie Walorski, and I’m very sensitive to people, and there’s something very wrong about her, very deceptive. I don’t trust her for anything.”

Covering the northeastern part of the state is the 3rd Congressional District, of which Lloyd said she is not familiar with. The seat is currently held by Republican Jim Banks and contested by Democrat Courtney Tritch.

Lloyd said she doesn’t intend to volunteer or donate to any candidates during the midterm elections.

Asked whether she anticipates a “blue wave” (a time during an election cycle in which the Democratic Party makes significant electoral gains), Lloyd said she hopes for a greater event.

“Historically, that’s what would happen,” she said of the potential for a blue wave.

“When it’s halfway through a president’s term, the other party tends to win. Historically, that’s what happens. I’d like to see a blue tsunami, which is where they actually get beyond 25 (seats).”

A vocal critic of the Trump administration, Lloyd said her views have not changed, but rather “they’ve intensified.”

“I’m particularly upset about giving a $2.3 trillion raise to the rich and denying federal workers a promised pay raise, roughly 30 percent who are veterans,” she said. “And I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit down and listen to somebody else tell me that kneeling football players are disrespecting our vets, because that’s bull —-. I feel very strongly about that obviously.

“A $12 million military parade for somebody who’s a draft dodger? He doesn’t deserve a parade of any kind. That money should go to homeless, suicidal, unemployed vets.”

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