FACT CHECK: Rep. Walorski Repeats False and Misleading Claims

Rep. Walorski was on repeat tonight. It seems that the people who wrote her talking points only printed the first page. Mel Hall never lobbied a day in his life. This has been discredited by both ABC57 and the South Bend Tribune, as well as the law firm Rep. Walorski references in her repeated attacks.

“Through March 2014, Mel Hall served as a senior advisor to our law firm. During his time with our law firm, Mel was not a registered lobbyist,” said a spokesperson for Dentons.

The candidate who knows the most about lobbying in this race is Rep. Walorski. Since she launched her Congressional career, she has been funded to the tune of $3.4 million from special interests. The Hall campaign refuses to accept this money and never will.

When you vote 11 times to take away health care for Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions and election time comes around, one becomes desperate. When the polls tighten, you start to lie.

Mel Hall will spend the rest of the election focusing on the issues that matter to hardworking Hoosiers in the 2nd District – not personal smear campaigns.


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