WSBT: WATCH: Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District: Walorski and Hall go head-to-head

We are now less than one month away until you can cast your ballot in the November election.

We heard from candidates in two of Indiana’s biggest races tonight (Monday).

WSBT 22 hosted the first debate between the two candidates in the Second District Congressional race.

Republican Jackie Walorski and Democrat Mel Hall went head-to-head tonight.

From healthcare, immigration, where they stand on the controversial gun control, and covering questions on your tax dollars, candidate Mel Hall and Incumbent Republican Jackie Walorski heated up the floor with many of their differing opinions.

Both touted their opponent’s downfalls.

Representative Walorski talked about Hall’s several year stint living in a prestigious hotel in Washington DC and that fact that he worked for a lobbyist.

Hall repeated that Representative Walorski is a career politician and hasn’t spent enough time in her district speaking with you.

One area where they both seemed to somewhat agree is gun violence and what can be done to keep you and your children safe.

You can watch the entire debate here.

The vote is four weeks from tomorrow, on November 6.

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