First Debate Shows Hall Best Choice to Represent Hoosiers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The Mel Hall campaign released the following statement tonight, after Hall outlined a clear vision to get Congress working for Hoosiers again during the first Congressional debate.

“There’s no question that Mel’s plans to protect health care and clean up Congress are what Hoosiers in the 2nd District want,” said Max Harris, Hall’s campaign manager. “There’s a clear choice in this election between Jackie Walorski, a career politician with a failed record on health care, and Mel Hall, a proven problem solver who will work across the aisle and get results. That choice was on full display tonight.”

In tonight’s debate, Hall’s commitment to protecting health care and cleaning up Congress showed.

  • While Walorski voted 11 times to take health care away from those with pre-existing conditions, Hall spent his career improving health care. In Congress, he’ll make sure all Hoosiers have access to affordable and reliable health care.
  • Walorski, beholden to corporate special interests, took over $100,000 from the telecom industry before voting to allow Internet Service Providers to sell their personal information – including Social Security numbers – without their permission. Since she has been a candidate for Congress, she has accepted over $3.2 million from special interests. Hall has accepted zero.
  • Hall is the only candidate in this race with a written plan to reform Congress. His plan, including term limits, a ban on corporate PAC and lobbyist contributions, and quarterly town halls, will get Congress working for Hoosiers again.

This debate clearly showed that Hall’s vision of protecting health care, protecting your privacy, and cleaning up Congress is the future that Hoosiers in the 2nd District want.

The two candidates will debate again on Oct. 16.

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