Dentons Refutes Walorski Attack Ads

2nd District, Indiana – The Mel Hall for Congress campaign released the following statement today, correcting the record on Rep. Walorski’s false and malicious ads.

“Through March 2014, Mel Hall served as a senior advisor to our law firm. During his time with our law firm, Mel was not a registered lobbyist,” said a spokesperson for Dentons.

“When career politicians like Jackie Walorski have a failed record, they lie. When they’re desperate, they lie more,” said Max Harris, Hall’s campaign manager. “When you vote eleven times to take away health care for Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions you have to hide and distract.”

“While Walorski was busy removing protections for those with pre-existing conditions, Mel was working to improve health care,” Harris continued.

After Hall left South Bend-based Press Ganey in 2012, he was an unpaid and informal health care adviser to Dentons, a global law firm. He advised hospitals on improving health care. He was never a lobbyist.

Mel Hall’s campaign refuses to accept corporate PAC donations or contributions from lobbyists. Rep. Walorski has received over $3.2 million in these types of donations since her first run for Congress.

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