SBT: Letters: Vote to preserve health care

Health care is on the line with our vote in the midterm election. The current representative in the 2nd District, Jackie Walorski, has gone along with her Republican members in Congress to chip away the safeguards provided in the Affordable Care Act.

The cheaper short-term plans the Trump administration will allow Americans to purchase in 2019 do not include ACA’s essential benefits for coverage for pre-existing conditions and would put back lifetime caps for existing medical conditions.

These policies being offered to Hoosier families are essentially “junk policies” that stretch out of pocket copays and higher monthly premiums.

Listen to the televised debates between Walorski and her challenger, Mel Hall.

Decide which candidate will better represent Hoosier values to ensure quality health care for all. My choice is Mel Hall.

Jane P. Philips

South Bend

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