SBT: Letters: No Substance

Where’s Walorski? Who knows? But her giant campaign signs are showing up around St. Joe County.

Brian Howey recently wrote a column about candidates who fear the people they want to lead (Tribune, Sept. 16). Could that be Walorski? Not only has she avoided holding a town hall since 2013, she has declined invitations to community forums in South Bend to discuss health care, an issue that is top-of-mind for voters in this community. She declined to debate her opponent in the last election, too. This time around, after much foot dragging, she finally agreed to two debates with Mel Hall. Both will be held in a television studio. Neither will include a live audience.

Out West, there’s a saying: “All hat, no cattle.” For Walorski, we could say “All sign, no substance” — just as flat and two-dimensional as the posters and billboards that are sure to cover District 2 in the coming weeks.

Cheryl Snay

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