Goshen News: LETTERS TO EDITOR: Rep. Walorski avoids voters

Rep. Walorski doesn’t talk to voters

Have you seen your 2nd District Rep. Jackie Walorski lately? Since 2013, she has conducted just one town hall where her constituents could talk to her, and that was held in a far corner of her district.

If you’ve caught a glimpse of her, it may have been when she came in secret to a factory. Or perhaps you saw her picture in the July 31 issue of The Goshen News when she appeared at The Window for a photo op.

Maybe you spotted her on a float in a parade far from anyone who might have a pressing question for her. Or maybe you saw a picture of her beaming face one of the many times she voted to take health care away from her constituents — so often that her staff can’t come up with a number!

Do voters realize their tax money goes to pay Jackie’s salary? She is supposed to go to Washington, D.C., to vote for policies that benefit the people in her district who send her there. I’d hide too if I had her voting record. When it’s a question of the interests of corporations, 100 percent of the time she votes for them. If it’s policies that benefit her constituents, 3 percent is all she can manage (politicsthatwork.com).

With Jackie, it looks like her constituents aren’t getting their money’s worth. In fact, it looks like they’re getting next to nothing. We can do better! Vote for Mel Hall on Nov. 6.

— Joann Smith, Goshen

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