Elkhart Truth: Walorski, Hall agree to two TV debates

Republican incumbent Jackie Walorski and Democratic opponent Mel Hall, vying for Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District in November, have reached an agreement for debates to be hosted by WNDU and WSBT.

In July, the campaigns agreed to having three debates. The Mel Hall campaign, as well as local League of Women Voters and American Democracy Project, later criticized the Walorski campaign for not moving forward with negotiations on where, when and how the debates would take place.

The two organiations invited the candidates to three debates around the district. Hall accepted that invitation in May, but Walorski did not. She has not participated in debates for the congressional seat since she won it in 2012.

“Debates are vital to our democracy, and I welcome this opportunity to discuss the issues that matter most to Hoosier families,” Walorski said in a statement Monday. “I look forward to talking about commonsense solutions like improving care for our veterans, helping hardworking families thrive, and bringing more transparency and accountability to Washington.”

The campaigns are discussing the possibility of a third debate.

“She did (originally) agree to three. We have two of them now, and we hope the the third will be live with an audience,” Hall’s campaign manager, Max Harris, said. “We think Hoosiers need to hear in person from the people who are asking for their votes.”

The campaigns have reached an agreement on the format of the debates, she said.

Harris said that the dates of the debates have yet to be determined.

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