Ink-Free News: Hall Visits In Syracuse

SYRACUSE — Democrat District 2 House of Representatives Candidate Mel Hall made a visit in Syracuse Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 12. Hall met with about a dozen area residents during a meet and greet at Mug Shots.

Hall has kicked off his Hardworking Hoosier Tour visiting various locations throughout the district during the past several days. Syracuse was his sixth stop Wednesday before traveling to Goshen, Elkhart and Walkerton. His visited lasted approximately 45 minutes.

During Hall’s visit he was frank with those present, stating both parties are to blame for what is happening in government. “We aren’t serving our citizens well,” Hall stated, stressing the upcoming election is “the most important election we’ve faced in the country. In eight weeks we will decide what kind of country we’re going to be.”

Additionally Hall stated he has told the Democrat leadership he will not support Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house … “We need new leadership. We can do better.” Hall explained one way is to make Congress work. “I mean work.” Noting representatives work three days a week, have chauffeur driven limousines … “they are more interested in perks and pensions.”

Hall suggested requiring elected officials hold a town hall meeting every quarter, submit reports whom they have spoke with and those who serve in congress not be allowed to be a lobbyist for five years after leaving office. He also stated bills with bipartisan support be presented to the floor immediately.

“Elections matter and this election matters,” Hall stressed, again noting some of the problems with government are not Republican or Democrat issues, but governmental issues.

He also promised those present they are not going to agree with “everything I do and say. But I will show up and keep coming back to Syracuse, going to the farmers’ market, listening to your ideas.”

Following Hall’s brief presentation he took questions and comments from those present. Among the questions were his thoughts on tariffs, retirement packages for members of Congress, taxpayers bailing out farmers and public education.

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