Hall Releases Reform Plan to Clean Up Congress

Plan seeks to fix Congress through several common sense measures.

WALKERTON, Ind. – At a town hall tonight, Congressional Candidate Mel Hall released his reform plan to clean up Congress. He spoke with voters about his plans to cut down on corporate special interests and to get Congress working for Hoosiers again.

“It’s no secret that Congress is broken – but for too long, we haven’t done anything about it. That’s why I put together these common sense proposals to get Congress working together again, for Hoosiers,” said Hall. “Hoosiers are the hardest working people I know, and it’s time Congress worked as hard as all of us.”

Hall’s plan focuses on getting Congress to work more and to work together. The plan calls for a five-day workweek, quarterly town halls in members’ districts, and term limits for committee leadership. In addition, it seeks to promote bipartisanship throughout the markup process and to strictly limit the influence of outside money.

Hall is a businessman and former minister who is running for Congress to bring the values of hard work and common sense that he learned growing up on the family farm to office. When Hall was growing a business from 34 employees to over 800 employees in northern Indiana, his opponent, career politician Rep. Jackie Walorski, was running for one office after another.

Hall is the only candidate in the 2nd District race with a written plan to clean up Washington.

Hall’s plan can be viewed in its entirety here.

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