Hall Campaign Releases Fourth Ad of General Election

Hall highlights Hoosier roots, commitment to cleaning up Washington in “Hoops.”

The Hall Campaign began airing the fourth ad of the general election today in the South Bend media market. The ad, “Hoops,” highlights Hall’s Hoosier upbringing, rejection of career politicians, and commitment to work in a bipartisan manner to get results.

“I’m not going to take the perks, or corporate PAC money,” Hall says in the ad. “I’ll work to cut middle class taxes, fix health care and immigration, and work to get things done. That’s Hoosier hard work. I learned that growing up on the farm.”

Hall continues to talk to voters across all ten counties of the 2nd District, where Hoosiers are rejecting politics-as-usual from career politicians in Washington. Hall’s pledge to reject congressional perks and his commitment to working for Hoosiers in northern Indiana comes as a breath of fresh air to the voters, who are responding positively to Hall’s campaign.

The ad can be viewed here.

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