Elkhart Truth: Walorski stalling debate negotiations, according to Hall

The Mel Hall for Congress campaign is unhappy with U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski, saying negotiations to settle times and locations for the candidates’ debates have not yet begun.

The two campaigns agreed in July that they would have three televised debates before the Nov. 6 election, but according to Hall’s campaign, Walorski is pushing back the start of the negotiations “indicating that they cannot schedule debates due to unknown factors affecting the representative’s schedule,” according to a statement from Hall.

“We are ready and at the table to start these negotiations. Rep. Walorski made a promise to Hoosiers when she agreed to these three debates, and we expect her to keep that promise,” Hall’s campaign manager, Max Harris, said in the release.

As the Republican incumbent for the Indiana’s 2nd District, Walorski declined to participate in debates in the 2014 campaign against Joe Bock and in the 2016 race against Lynn Coleman. She did publicly debate in 2012 when she defeated Brendan Mullen and won the district for the first time.

Walorski’s campaign pushed back Monday night, with manager Stephen Simonetti saying Walorski welcomes the opportunity to debate the issues.

“Our campaigns are in contact to work out details for these three debates,” Simonetti said. “We are confident our teams will finalize arrangements in the coming weeks so Hoosiers can hear from both candidates about the issues that matter most to Hoosier families.”

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