South Bend Tribune: Letters: Don’t give up hope, America

Don’t give up, America. We are not as hopelessly divided as we think. The seeds of the defeat of Fred Upton and Jackie Walorski sprouted Tuesday in full germination throughout Michigan and America. And they will in Indiana, too, this November.

You see, the vote totals from last Tuesday clearly show that there is a sizable core of real Republicans who have held onto their personal integrity. Some who are regular Republican voters and who voted for Trump stayed home on Tuesday. They did not dare cross that line because they have watched what has happened to hard-core Trump loyalists in their community who did cross that point of no return.

Some of these moderate Republicans — more than a few — may have even voted for a Democrat.

Either way they decided that the never-Trumpers were right all along.

With their last-second arrival like the U.S. Cavalry to the rescue — just like in the movies — our country may still be saved.

6th Congressional District voters in Michigan should get familiar with Matt Longjohn and Hoosiers in the 2nd Congressional District need to bone up on Mel Hall. They will have good feelings about these candidates and the future of America.

Wayne Falda


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