Blue Dogs Announce Next Round of Candidate Endorsements

Washington, DC – Today, the Democratic Blue Dog Coalition announced its next round of
candidate endorsements for the 2018 cycle. The Blue Dogs, who represent the commonsense
center of the U.S. House of Representatives, have been leading efforts to support centrist
candidates who are committed to putting policy before partisan politics and working across the
aisle in the best interest of the American people.

Like the members of the coalition, the candidates represent a broad swath of the country and,
if elected, will bring a fresh perspective and much-needed diversity to the Democratic Party and
the Congress as a whole. Endorsed candidates include:
 Mel Hall, IN-02
 Chris Hunter, FL-12
 Kathy Manning, NC-13
 Matt Reel, TN-07
 Clarke Tucker, AR-02

These candidates will be added to the existing ranks of Blue Dog endorsed candidates,
 Anthony Brindisi, NY-22
 Paul Davis, KS-02
 Gretchen Driskell, MI-07
 Brendan Kelly, IL-12
 Ben McAdams, UT-04
 Dan McCready, NC-09
 Max Rose, NY-11
 Jeff Van Drew, NJ-2
 Denny Wolff, PA-09

“These candidates represent the best America has to offer, and we are excited to put the full
support of the Blue Dog Coalition behind them,” said Congressman Kurt Schrader, Blue Dog PAC

“For 22 years – through Democratic and Republican majorities – the Blue Dogs have consistently
worked with members of both parties to offer commonsense solutions to some of the biggest
challenges facing our country. Rather than being blindly ideological or beholden to any one
political party, these Blue Dog-endorsed candidates are independent-minded individuals who
will come to Washington and serve the best interests of their constituents. We will continue to
support these and other candidates who are committed to promoting positions which bridge the
gap between ideological extremes,” said Schrader.

The Blue Dogs will continue to lead efforts to support candidates across the country who are
dedicated to pursuing fiscally-responsible policies, ensuring a strong national defense, and
transcending party lines to get things done for the American people

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