Colwell: Waging an all-out campaign in Indiana’s 2nd District

Mel Hall, front-runner for the Democratic congressional nomination in Indiana’s 2nd District, is taking no chances. He plans to continue an all-out campaign effort, including television appeals hitting the entire district, right up until the May 8 primary election.


The former CEO of Press Ganey, South Bend-based collector of data on patient satisfaction for hospitals nationally, has five opponents for the nomination. Two wage determined campaigns.

Although Hall and his campaign strategists exude confidence of winning, they want to take no chances that either Pat Hackett or Yatish Joshi, chief rivals for the nomination, could slip in front of the front-runner.

Old-school traditionalists would question why Hall, if he really is a confident front-runner, is “wasting” so much money on the primary election. Why, when the race that counts is in the fall against Rep. Jackie Walorski, the Republican incumbent? After all, she has over a million dollars on hand already and will get a whole lot more.

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