Daily Kos Elections Live Digest 4/17

IN-02: Healthcare executive Mel Hall is up with his second TV spot ahead of the May 8 Democratic primary to face GOP Rep. Jackie Walorski. Hall tells an audience, “When the president and the Congress repealed healthcare, they celebrated,” adding that “26,000 people in this district were kicked off of healthcare. That’s not something you celebrate.” Hall then calls for protecting people with preexisting conditions and lowering drug prices.

Several other Democrats filed to run here, and only one other candidate had more than $30,000 in the bank at the end of March. But businessman Yatish Joshi, who has almost entirely self-funded his campaign, only had $89,000 on-hand, considerably less than the $445,000 that Hall had available. (Hall has self-funded a little less than half of his campaign so far.) Walorski ended the month with $1.06 million on-hand in this 59-36 Trump seat.

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