I Represented Hoosiers in Congress. Now it’s Mel Hall’s Turn.

Compromise is not a four-letter word. That’s something I learned all too well representing a Republican-leaning district in Congress for three terms in northern Indiana.

To be an effective representative and enact real change in our nation’s capital, one has to steer clear of partisan bickering (inside and outside our big Democratic tent). An authentic member of Congress keeps a true understanding of the issues facing all people and works tirelessly to make things better.

And we can do better.

That’s why I’m honored to endorse Mel Hall to represent Indiana’s 2nd District in Congress.

Mel has truly lived a life of service — from the farm to the pulpit to Press Ganey in South Bend — and I know he will make a great congressman for our district.

For Mel, public service is not about scoring cheap political points or winning elections. It’s about doing what’s right for people in our communities. It’s about working together to find solutions to the problems we face as a country.

It’s about getting things done. That’s what people expect. And that’s what Mel’s done his whole life.

Mel will always protect Social Security and Medicare, fight for working class families, and work to ensure everyone gets a fair shot at living a life of liberty.

With his experience in health care, Mel will focus on improving the Affordable Care Act because he knows that good care is a right through all phases of life.

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