Hall Hopeful after Pennsylvania Race

A special U.S. Congress election won by a Democrat in Pennsylvania has given Mel Hall, a Democratic candidate for Indiana’s Second U.S. House District, an enhanced sense of hopefulness and confidence as the May 8 primary nears.

Hall is one of six candidates on the Democrat ballot.

Democrat Conor Lamb won the Pennsylvania’s 18th District’s special election over Republican Rick Saccone by a slim margin in a district won by President Donald Trump by 20 points.

Indiana’s Second District was also won by Trump by 20 points.

During a meeting with The Paper staff Thursday, March 15, Hall said Lamb was successful because he focused on economics, healthcare and what Democrats are for.

“(Lamb) worked really hard,” Hall said. “And, I don’t think there is any substitute in any line of work, whether it’s farming or newspaper writing or editing, or starting and running a business – there’s no substitute for hard work. That’s what we’re doing. We do this full time.