Hall brings campaign to Peru

BY CAROLINE EGGERS – [email protected]

Born on a farm near Marion, Mel Hall said he grew up feeding the calves and chickens before he went to school, and spent summers hanging dry wall and digging trenches for masons.

Then Hall expanded into corporate work. After obtaining his PhD at Notre Dame, he began working at a health company with 50 employees. When he left the business, Hall was the CEO and they had 800 employees. And, as CEO, he increased the minimum wage to $10 when the national rate was just $5.25, according to Hall.

Now running for Congress against Republican Jackie Walorski, Hall brought his campaign back to Peru on Monday to meet with potential constituents and review his core ideas for the third time.

Although the district is diverse, Hall said he’ll work hard on the “bread and butter issues” like wages, health and equality.

First, Hall said he wants to increase working class wages.

“I understand what working folks do,” Hall said. “It’s a tough life, but it can be rewarding.”

Meanwhile, he said, President Donald Trump abandoned his promises to the working classes, focused on his own self-interests, and bragged about the stock market upturn—when 75 percent of people in this area don’t participate in the stock market.